Harnessing the Power of AI to Move Emergency and Transit Vehicles More Efficiently

LYT and Yunex Traffic have partnered to help emergency and transit vehicles reach their destination faster than ever before.

| More intuitively timed green light priority and preemption
| Faster average speeds and higher level of safety through corridors
| Two leading intelligent transportation technology providers now working together

LYT and Yunex Traffic are proud to announce a new partnership to help ease congestion for commuters and emergency responders using next-generation intelligent transportation technologies.

Harnessing LYT's cloud-based priority and preemption solutions and Yunex Traffic's mobility systems and services for smart cities, both companies will help build sustainable infrastructure and transport solutions that enable the movement of commuters and first responders more efficiently.

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Traffic agencies nationwide can now implement LYT's cloud-based priority and preemption solutions through Yunex Traffic’s suite of solutions, including Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), Connected Vehicle applications, and advanced traffic controllers.

Agencies that currently use Yunex Traffic solutions will enjoy a fast track to launching LYT's next-generation priority and preemption solutions in just a matter of days, compared to months and years of lead time needed with competing solutions.

Imagine a future where emergency and transit vehicles no longer have to sit in traffic, congestion, and red lights. Enabling them to reach their destination scene faster and safer than ever before.

With LYT and Yunex Traffic, imagine no more. 


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